"Hope you don't mind but I'm stealing your idea with the music at the beginning of class. It's a great attention getter!" - Introductory Physics Student

For years professor Finck has played music before the start of his physics and physical science classes and the student reaction has been extremely positive. Many times the songs are selected to connect with the topic for the day (e.g., The Weight by Aretha Franklin, The Power by Cher, and Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys). Sometimes the songs are connected to the academic calendar (With You or Without You by U2 on the last day to withdraw). And frequently the songs try to tie in current events (Hit the Road Jack, when a dean/provost/president/secretary of defense is fired or resigns).

Under the supervision of professor Finck, Doralee White is studying why the music before class is so well received by the students. They are also working to catalog the music and make the "play list" available to other faculty. A necessary part of the project is to conduct a survey of the students who "face the music" daily. The survey asks the students to rate the practice of playing music before class and rate the different genres of music played. In addition, the survey will attempt to identify the students' reactions to the music. The survey will be distributed in large (>100 enrollment) lecture classes taught by professor Finck.